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Visegrad Group versus Craiova Group

Left to right: Victor Ponta of Romania, Plamen Oresharski of Bulgaria and Ivica Dacic of Serbia

Left to right: Victor Ponta of Romania, Plamen Oresharski of Bulgaria and Ivica Dacic of Serbia

Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria prime ministers announced on 7th March 2014 that they would form „Craiova Group” on the pattern of „Visegrád Group” (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic). Just to remember: Romania tried at the beginning of the ’90s to join Visegrád Group, but was rejected.

There are some historical similarities between the projected Craiova Group and the Visegrád Group. The common history of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic during the 15th century is well-known, not so much the common history of the medieval Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. Still, there were a lot of marriages among the ruling families of the countries near the lower branch of Danube and many instances when military cooperation existed, mainly against the Ottoman Empire.

The nowadays Visegrád Group countries fell under the rule of Hapsburg Empire by the end of the 17th century (with the exception of Hungary, it fell under Ottoman rule at the beginning of the 16th century, only to be reconquered by the Hapsburgs 200 years later). The Craiova Group countries fell under Ottoman Empire rule roughly during the same period, with different degrees of autonomy (Bulgaria and Serbia were ruled by Turks under Ottoman laws, while Wallachia and Moldova retained their own rulers and laws). In the end, the German-Hapsburg inheritance of the Visegrád Group is thought to be superior of that of the Ottoman Empire, sometimes designated as „Balkanism”.

Blog in conservare. M-am mutat la KISHINIOV.

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  1. Cristina P.

    I just love the way IPS Anania – the Archbishop of Cluj (may his name and memory to be alive forever!) spoke about Romanians being labelled „Balkans” in a pejorative manner: „So what that they are calling us Balkans? The entire Thoma Aquino’s philosophy within western society is based on two Balkans: Plato and Aristotle!” If nothing else this lifted my spirits since…:)

  2. Cristina P.

    @Romi: Well dear Sir, it is not my merit…And the quote is approximately but it is its essence…Here, abroad I really relly on such essential sayings to oppose myself to unfairness of western (un)civilized people when hearing that I am a Romanian – and for some accordingly a Balkan. However since I read his recently published work at Polirom – quite expensive if I may say so- I realized the impressive stature of its personality. Youtube has a lot of his sermons so somewhere it can be found exactly the quote. I apologize for not being able to offer it here as it should be academically correct. Yes, I did and I do a big fuss about academical skills especially after reading the last work Adevaruri Incomode about 1989 and I was totally deceived about the low level of writing skills in a such important book. Quotes without pages from authors and reports on the topic created a huge mess and for sure not a serious work to be considered in normal academic writing style. I do not understand why some Romanian editors are still accepting today low standards of academic writing style for the printed books, similar to the old communist style of writing in social sciences?!?
    If I may ask, what is your opinion about this style Mr Damian George as historian? Thank you!

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